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 Carmelita McRoy is a #1 Best Selling author, speaker, coach, editor, entrepreneur, evangelist, online radio host, mother, and grandmother. She founded Speaking Truth in 2009 because she wanted to help people especially women live the extraordinary life that they were created to live.  Being a teenage mother, to living in the projects, to being homeless, in unhealthy relationships, and losing two children suddenly to death; she bounced back with the help of Jesus.  Carmelita wants people especially women to know that no matter what you have been through or going through, it doesn't have to last.

Carmelita delivers presentations that are energetic, inspiring, encouarging, and engaging.  Her books speak truth about the things she has experienced and they tell how God made a way for her even when others deserted her.

Born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama; she now lives in Grandview, MO with three of her children and two of her grandchildren.  A mother who has raised eight children,she won't say she is an expert but she has learned alot through the years as a single parent and those things have worked.  The quote she gave herself and she lives by is "Expect It, Believe It, Receive It".

To book Carmelita for your next event email:

P.O. Box 270818

Kansas City, Missouri 64127